JLM Border Collies 

About Us


    My husband Chris and I are fortunate enough to now reside in our new house built on the same family farm that has now seen four generations of my family.  I was born here, my dad was born here, his father, and his father before that all lived here.  The 100 acre parcel in Kelowna BC has seen many changes over the years.  In the past it was utilized for hay production and to support a large cattle feedlot.  Cattle, horses, and of course border collies were the basis of life for the first 3 generations, and over half of my lifetime.  The last 15 years has seen the farm now completely converted to an active family operated turf farm, with 60 acres planted in turf.  I have always had border collies growing up.   Whether they were used to help out with the cows or ride on the tractor, a couple of them were always around!  I guess you could say it was just a matter of time before I would get into trialing.  I had always been keen on getting started in sheep trialing, so when I finished University getting my Bachelor of Science and Teacher's Degree, I  purchased Diesel.  That moment combined with meeting the right people started everything.  In a few short years Diesel and I had not only become a successful trialing partnership, but we have now added 5 more dogs, some sheep, and a whole new career change!   I work full time on the family farm with my mother, father, and brother.  And Chris, who works as a heavy duty mechanic for a local company, also works here on the farm helping to maintain all the machinery.   Together, with all the dogs,  we  form the family business Macdonnell Turf and now home to JLM Border Collies.


Summer sprinklers : Macdonnell Turf



Our Kennel

   Me with my helpers, heading to work on the farm!


Photos provided by Spring Photography.