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Diesel CBCA 5365:

Diesel's Pedigree:

Arena Training Video:


 Diesel and I running a small arena trial course for practice at home.
December 10th, 2011.

  Trial Career Highlights:  

2007 : British Columbia's Highpoint Novice Field Sheep Dog of the Year.
2009 : British Columbia's Highpoint Pro-Novice Arena Sheep Dog of the Year.
2009 : Stirling Acres Winter Arena Series Pro-Novice Champion, winning 4 out of the 5 trials in the series.
2009/2010 : Stirling Acres Winter Arena Series. 2nd out of 15 dogs first time competing at the Open level.
Did Not Compete in the summer of 2010 due to an injury
2010/2011 :
Stirling Acres Winter Arena Series. 1st out of 9 dogs in Open.
2010/2011: Stirling Acres Winter Arena Series. Open Reserve Champion.
2011 :  Stirling Acres Field Trial. 5th out of 44 on day 2 in Open and 11th overall out of 44 competitors.  First time ever competing in Open Field!
2011: Coldstream Classic Field Trial.  Tied for 1st out of 36 dogs in Pro-Novice.
2011: Paxton Valley Field Trial.  12th overall out of 36 dogs in Open.  Second Open Field trial entered.
2012: World Stockdog Championships, Calgary Stampede.  Diesel was one of the few dogs to put together two complete runs over the two days of competition.  Unfortunately due to a course error on my part, Diesel did not earn full points for his first run.  If I had not made such an error Diesel likely would have been one of the top 12 dogs to move on to the finals.
2012: Hope Brigade Days Arena Trial.  Diesel came 2nd b
ehind Chloe in the second qualifying run and placed 5th overall after both runs out of 28 dogs. Open trial.
2012: (October) Stirling Acres Winter Arena Series. 2nd out of 13 dogs in Open. One of only 3 dogs to get a shed that day. 
2012: (December) Stirling Acres Winter Arena Series. 2nd out of 14 dogs in Open.
2013: (January) Stirling Acres Winter Arena Series. 3rd out of 13 dogs in Open.
2013:  Stirling Acres Field Trial. Winner on day 1 in Open with a 93 score!! 8th overall out of 46 dogs.
Stirling Acres Field Trial. Winner on day 1 in Open and finished  3rd overall out of 49 dogs.
2014: Paxton Valley Field Trial. Winner on day 1 in Open and placed 5th overall out of 41 dogs.
2015: Stirling Acres Field Trial. Placed 4th on the first day and 8th overall in Open out of 53 dogs.  Qualified for the Double Lift Championship.
2015: Calgary Stampede Stockdog Championships. Placed 10th on day 1 out of 60 dogs.  Diesel was the oldest dog there competing at age 11.