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JLM Chloe

JLM Chloe CBCA 5664:

Chloe's Pedigree:

Arena Training Video.


                                 Chloe running a small arena course for practice at home.
                                                           December 26th, 2011. 

                                        Trial Career Highlights:  
2008 : Stirling Acres Arena Series. 1st out of 14 dogs in Novice. First trial ever entered.
2009 :
Stirling Acres Field Trial.  3rd overall out of 18 dogs Novice Field.
2009 :
Coldstream Classic Field Trial.  Overall Novice Champion.
2008/2009 :
Stirling Acres Winter Area Series.  Overall Novice High-point Champion.
2009/2010 :
Stirling Acres Winter Arena Series. 1st in Pro-Novice out of 14 dogs.  First year competing Pro-Novice.
2009/2010 : British Columbia's High Point Reserve Champion Dog of the Year; Pro-Novice Arena Sheep.
(Second to her brother Marvin)
2010/2011 :
Stirling Acres Winter Arena Series. 1st in Pro-Novice out of 13 dogs.
2010/2011 :
Stirling Acres Winter Arena Series Pro Novice Reserve Champion.
2011 :
Stirling Acres Field Trial : 10th overall out of 33 competitors in Pro-Novice.  First time competing in a Pro-Novice field class.
 2012 :
Stirling Acres Field Trial : 4th overall out of 36 competitors in Pro-Novice on the first day. Chloe came 2nd overall on the second day with an 80 score! 
2012 : Hope Brigade Days Arena Trial.  1st overall after both qualifying rounds by winning both runs over 28 dogs!  Chloe came 2nd in the Finals, being beaten only by a few seconds!
2012 : (November) Stirling Acres Winter Arena Series. 3rd in Open!
2013 : (March) Stirling Acres Winter Arena Series. 3rd in Open out of 19 dogs.
2013 :  Paxton Valley Field Trial. 5th in Open on Day 2, and 7th overall out of 46 dogs! 


Chloe did not compete over the summer of 2010 as we tried to get a litter of pups out of her.  Unfortunately she didn't concieve.