JLM Border Collies 

JLM Marvin

JLM Marvin CBCA 5660:

Marvin's Pedigree:

 Trial Career Highlights: 

2008 : Stirling Acres Arena Series. First trial ever, Marvin came 2nd in Novice out of 13 dogs.  He was just 11 months old.
2009 :
Stirling Acres Field trial.  Overall Novice Champion out of 18 dogs.  Silver Buckle winner!
2009/2010 :
Stirling Acres Winter Series overall Pro-Novice Champion.  First year competing at Pro-Novice.
British Columbia's Highpoint Champion Dog of the Year; Pro-Novice Arena Sheep.
2010 :
Coldstream Classic Field Trial. Winner on Day 2 of this two day trial, and 4th overall out of 21 dogs in Pro-Novice.  This was Marvin's first Pro-Novice field trial!

Due to an injury, Marvin did not compete in 2011 or the summer of 2012. 

2012 : Stirling Acres Arena trial. 2nd out of 19 dogs.  First trial entered after nearly 2 years of suffering with an injury!
2012 : Stirling Acres Arena trial. 2nd out of 12 dogs. Finishing just behind Boomer who won the class.
2012 : Stirling Acres Arena trial. 3rd out of 14 dogs.