JLM Border Collies 

Keen Eye Sky

Keen Eye Sky CBCA 4513:

Sky's Pedigree:


Trial Career Highlights:  

2007 : Stirling Acres Arean Series.  3rd in Novice.
2008 : Coldstream Classic Field Trial.  2nd overall out of 12 dogs.
2008 :
Stirling Acrea Arena Series.  1st in Novice out of 10 dogs.
2008 : Stirling Acres Arena Series. 3rd in Novice.
2012 : Stirling Acres Field Trial. 5th in Pro-Novice on the first day out of 36 dogs.  This was Sky's first Pro-Novice trial and first trial in nearly 4 years! 

Sky is an excellent working dog here at home and our main brood bitch.  Sky is smooth and calm on her sheep with excellent square flanks and beautiful natural feel.  Although she has not had much trial experience, she is a very talented worker here at home doing chores  and we are very happy with that.  She produces beautiful, talented pups and whelped her 4th litter with Diesel in July of 2011.  Sky is a very loving dog to her family and loves to come in the house each night and curl up infront of a hot stove.