JLM Border Collies 


All our pups are bred from health tested, proven working dogs.  They are guaranteed to be healthy, happy, and to possess exceptional working instinct.  Our pups are guaranteed to have eyes clear of Collie Eye Anomaly through parentage, and are produced from physically sound  parents clear of hip dysplasia.  All our dogs are genetically tested by Optigen Genetics. 

For more information on availability and how to get on our puppy waitlist,
 please send us an e-mail or call.

When available, our pups are sold to approved homes that have experience with the breed. 

Litter Announcements!
Litter 1 

Born July 11th, 2017.  (All pups are spoken for.  Thank you.)

   JLM Emma                                                  JLM Harold

 4 pups were born Tuesday, July 11th.  3 females and one male. 

Female                                                     Female              

                                      Female                                                         Male

This is a repeat crossing.  Pups from Emma and Harold's last litter are becoming everything that we expected from these two excellent dogs.  The pups are eager to learn and eager to please. They have excellent temperaments and are already showing a keen desire to work stock.  Emma's wonderful temperament and stock sense that she inherited from her dad Diesel, is matched perfectly with Harold's keenness and quick work style .  These pups will excel in any discipline, but specifically will be exceptional herding trial or ranch work dogs. There pups are guaranteed clear of CEA, TNS, I-GS and CL.  Hips of Emma are x-rayed good and Harold is OFA certified Good. 

Litter 2

Born July 20th,2017. (All pups are spoken for.Thank you)  

      JLM Harold                               Abby           

9 Pups were born Thursday, July 20th, 2017.  5 females and 4 males!





We are extremely excited for this litter! Not only are they going to be absolutely beautiful, these are two of our most talented young trial dogs.  Both Abby and Harold have exceptional ability to read livestock and have beautiful pace and feel for their sheep. These two are in every way the classic "trial" dog.  They have beautiful pace, are super stylish with quick flanks on their sheep, and are extremely responsive.  They both have exceptional outruns and gathers.  These pups will be outstanding trial dogs for herding.  Both Abby and Harold have wonderful temperaments and pups are expected to be  biddable and willing to please.  These pups will also be excellent active companion dogs, or competitive agility partners. Both Abby and Harold are OFA certified Good for hips.

Please email us for details about this litter.  Deposit list for both litters is now open!

For pictures of past pups please visit our "past litters" page.  The sub-link is attached to our main "Puppies" page button at the top of this page.