JLM Border Collies 


Welcome to JLM Border Collies
Breeders of working Border Collie puppies!

Harold watching the flock.  Age 6 months!

Our Philosophy:
To produce exceptional, hard working border collies that are biddable in mind, physically sound, and possess excellent instinct for working livestock.  We do not breed for the conformation show ring!

Home of:
 Diesel,  JLM Chloe, 
 JLM Boomer, JLM Harold,  JLM Emma and W2W Abby.

Their introductions....

Successful Open field trial dog.  Now retired.
BC's 2011 Reserve Champion Open Arena Dog of the Year!
Sire of Marvin, Chloe, Boomer, and Emma

JLM Chloe
Open field trial dog. Retired due to injury.
BC's 2010 Reserve Champion Pro-Novice Arena Dog of the Year!

 JLM Boomer  
Open field trial competitor.

BC's 2013 Pro-Novice Arena Champion  Dog of the Year!
British Colombia's 2015 Open Arena Champion Dog of the Year!

JLM Harold
A final son kept from "Marvelous" Marvin.
2014/2015 Winter Arena Series Pro-Novice Champion.
(Winning 3 of the 4 trials in the Series!)
BC's 2015 Pro-Novice Arena Champion Dog of the Year!
2016 Calgary Stampede Finalist!

W2W Abby
Pro-Novice Competitor
BC's 2016 Pro-Novice Arena Champion Dog of the Year!

JLM Emma
A daughter of Diesel and Millie from our November 2014 litter. In training now.


Important News Flash:
A short time ago, I learned of a tragic accident that resulted in a hard working little border collie needing some serious help. Her name is Skye, and she is a daughter to our wonderful JLM Marvin.  While Skye was doing her job bring cattle down off the mountain for the season, a few cattle broke off and began running down a road.  Skye took off after them and when she headed them off a truck came flying down the road, running her over.  Skye suffered a severe injury, having both her hind legs dislocated.  Her wonderful owner Danika refused to give up on her despite many saying there was no chance in saving Skye. She took Skye to one of the best orthopedic surgeons around in order to save Skye's life. The lengthy and difficult surgery was a complete success, and it is with hope that Skye will make a full recovery and be back to what she loves doing, which is herding cattle with her partner Danika next year.  The surgery was extremely expensive so a Go Fund Me page has been set up for Skye.  I ask all those who truly love border collies and respect how hard they work for a living, and how dangerous it can be, to please click on the link below and give a little help.  Even if it means forwarding on this link and spreading the word.  Every border collie deserves an owner like Danika.
Thank You.