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Breeders of superior Border Collies for work and sport.


About Us


Our Philosophy:

  To be breeders of exceptional, hard working border collies that are good tempered, biddable in mind, physically sound, and possess excellent instinct for working livestock.  We do not breed puppies for the conformation show ring!


Our Breeding Program:

Our dogs are all registered, working border collies that not only work here on our farm but are also successful competitors on the trial field.  All our dogs used for breeding have been DNA tested, or are clear through parentage, and have had hips OFA certified as good or better.  

Our Pups:

All our pups are born in our home.  They are given the best of care and are handled and played with daily. Once old enough they are placed out side and socialized with the adult dogs to help learn pack placement and also  to be exposed to the sights and sounds of farm life.  All our pups are registered with the Canadian Border Collie Association.  They are fully health checked by our veterinarian, microchipped, vaccinated, and given a clean bill of health before leaving to their new homes after 8 weeks of age.

Contact Us

For more information about our dogs and what we offer:

Please email info@jlmbordercollies.ca or call:

JLM Border Collies

JLM Border Collies 3345 Bulman Rd. Kelowna, BC V1X 7V1 ca

(250) 718-7644