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Breeders of superior Border Collies for work and sport.

JLM Harold at only 6 months old.

Harold's  2nd time out in the field. He had just turned 6 months old.  The sheep were running at over a 100 yards away and he went out and caught them.  He was a talent from the beginning!

JLM Harold : First ever Trial run, Age 18 months

A video of Harold's very first trial run at the Stirling Acres stock dog trial.  Harold was only 18 months old.  He placed 4th overall over the weekend out of 23 dogs.  His sheep were not easy to pen and even at this young age Harold just knew where to be to be able to get a pen. 

JLM EEva: Age 18 months

A quick video of Eeva practicing her whistles and flanks at home.

Kvr Arya training: 14 months old.

A little work on driving and flanks.