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Breeders of superior Border Collies for work and sport.

Breeders of superior Border Collies for work and sport.

Breeders of superior Border Collies for work and sport.Breeders of superior Border Collies for work and sport.


 All our pups are bred from health tested, proven working dogs.  They are guaranteed to be healthy, happy, and to possess exceptional working instinct.  Our pups are guaranteed clear of CEA, TNS, I-GS and CL through parentage, and are produced from physically sound  parents clear of hip dysplasia.  All our dogs are genetically tested by Optigen Genetics. 
When available, our pups are sold to approved homes that have experience with the breed.  

Litter 1: Born January 29, 2020

Burndale Glen


JLM Eeva


We are so excited that we had this opportunity to breed our up and coming superstar Eeva to  such an incredibly well bred  male.  Glen was imported from the UK and his pedigree is stacked with 4 different World and International Supreme Champions.  His father is Robert Dalziel's Scottish National Champion  Spot, who's Grandfather is R. Dalziel's International Supreme Champion Jim.  On Glen's mother's side, she was sired by Aled Owen's  multiple International Champion Roy, who was sired by his Supreme Champion Bob.  These pups should be outstanding trial or farm work dogs. Glen also has a very calm, level headed personality  and loves people and children.  These pups should have calm, friendly temperaments and be easy to train.  

Eeva delivered 6 puppies. 5 females and 1 male.

These puppies are spoken for. Thank you.

Litter 2: Coming 2020.

JLM Harold





 This will be  a repeat crossing between Josie and Harold.  Pups from their first litter together were rough coated pups with excellent temperaments and strong instinct.  We again anticipate bigger framed pups that will be high drive, yet biddable and easy to train.  Both Josie and Harold have great feel for their stock. The blend of Harold's great eye and excellent balance with Josie's natural ability to drive sheep should produce pups that will both excel on the farm or on the trial field.  Both Harold and Josie are very friendly dogs towards people, and produce pups with great temperaments that also make  for excellent active companions.